Why ask “why?”…Upgrade your response to feedback!

Seeking feedback is crucial to developing ourselves…

But how we respond to feedback may be even more important!

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When a win is really a loss… a story of sport and life

I think many of you who are reading will be able to relate whether you played sports or have merely watched as a fan.

Have you ever played miserably or even just below your capability…

But we’re able to eek out a win or overcome your opponent?

And did you find yourself excited to get the victory and too celebrate another win?

You know who didn’t share this enthusiasm?

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Dealing with the “meltdown”…success story from a proud poppa

I have a two year old…

For those parents out there, you already get me!

But we are definitely dealing with tantrums, melt downs, and big emotions.

And I can be honest with you right now and say that how I have dealt with those instances has been less than optimal…

But yesterday was different, and the skills I used are transferable and applicable even if you’re not a parent!

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The most transferable skill fitness training has afforded me…

When people think about fitness or training…

Most likely they picture the biggest benefits as weight loss, strength gain, injury prevention etc.

And yes, it does create those byproducts.

But if you really go on the journey…

Training can provide something even more impactful…

It can build a highly transferable skill!

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