Want to be #1 – Be CONSISTENTLY shitty !?!


You heard me…

Consistency is the word resonating in my head today.

I would like to learn and become proficient in several skill sets: social marketing, jiu jitsu, speaking Spanish, parenthood etc.

So, in order to learn those skills, we must mimic and watch those that are good at these skills…

Or any skill for that matter.

And what do we hear from masters of a craft…

You must put forth 10,000 hours. 10,000 hours is not precise, it’s a metaphor for showing up daily and practicing a craft.

Does it mean showing up and putting forth Micheal Jordan numbers…?

Absolutely not!

It means showing up and doing your best that day, even if the performance that day is shitty.

We must be ok with shit and not focusing on perfection. Time will smooth those edges and we won’t even realize we are closing in on mastery.

Imagine what spending 30 minutes a day will do for your chosen goal over 365 Days…

Over 2 years…

Over 5 years….

Choose where you want to go, start doing a shitty job at it daily, and report back to me in 6 months.



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