Someone’s Watching You Right Now…

I’m a new dad…

Not sure how long I can claim the “new” title, but I have a 22 month old son and a 3 month old daughter.

And the above quote from Albert Einstein struck home recently as I heard my 1 year old yell out …

“Shit!” as he dropped his toy train on the floor. Part of me was just impressed he used it in context. Part of me found humor in the word coming out of an innocent mouth.

But the resounding emotion was disappointment as I realized he had learned this from me.

I immediately took ownership for his newly formed vocabulary and became hyper aware that these humans are constantly watching, observing and mimicking my behavior as there main examples.

But what struck me about the Einstein quote above is that it’s not in reference to parenthood.

You have employees, friends, significant others, admirers, students…and guess what?

They are watching you…

Right now.

Are you glued to your phone, but you want them to listen to you.

Are you talking negatively when you want them to be positive.

Are you eating garbage and never sleeping when you want them to be healthy.

Model the behavior you want in your community.

Lead by example. Be cognizant.

You never know who’s watching.


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