I’m giving away a FREE vacation…Everyday! For life!

Keith, sounds to good to be true…

I know, right?

But hear me out.

I overhear folks all the time, “only 2 more months till vacation, and then things will be great!”

Heck, I’ve been that guy.

Then vacation comes, I’m already dreading it being over, I’m stressed about what it’s costing me, I am wondering what’s waiting for me back home, or I’m already planning my next escape.

But what I really enjoy about vacation are the small pleasures: a relaxed cup of coffee in the morning, reading that book that’s been on my nightstand for months, taking a nap, a good glass of bourbon, or just getting outside for some sunshine.

Well here’s what I am giving you…today…FREE

Permission to take 30 minutes today and everyday to partake in your favorite guilty pleasure!

All you have to do is change your scenery and your mindset.

For me right now, I carve out 30 minutes while my son is napping…Brew a cup of coffee, grab a book or Netflix show and change my focus to really observing and enjoying that moment.

I’m not parenting, I’m not cleaning, I’m not checking email.

And ideally I move outside to our back patio in the fresh air and beautiful California sunshine.

My focus has shifted to enjoy the moment and recharge my internal battery so I’m better for those I love.

So I challenge you this week…

If you love wine, can you find 30 minutes after work to enjoy indulge in a glass?

If you love coffee, can you escape work for 30 minutes and discover a new hipster coffee shop.

It doesn’t require any crazy financial nor time commitment…

Just a shift in your setting and attitude.

And the beauty is, you can look forward to everyday, because you will have a vacation.

You’re welcome 😉


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