Hey you! Yes you! Stop overthinking it, just get it started!

I hear it all the time in so many varied arenas…

Heck, I’m guilty of it all the time.

We have a freakin’ cool idea or something we are passionate about pursuing…


We sit on our butts and never act on it.

Oh, we have a great reason:

  • It’s not perfect yet
  • The timing will be better
  • I need to do X first
  • Someone else will do it better
  • I’m afraid

Insert 1 million tired reasons.

But I’m reminded of the Steve Job’s quote above…

Real artists ship!

Or, for clearer terms, winners take action!

Notice I didn’t say winners launch with perfection.

They just get started. They take the first step.

They don’t paralyze themselves with analysis and overthinking.

They don’t continually ask, “but what if I fail?”

They put one foot in front of the other and take that first step.

They ship!

Afraid to dance, just sign up for a lesson.

Want to cook Thanksgiving dinner for your whole family, send them an email with your intention today and start practicing.

Want to write a book, create an outline after work.

There is no deadline for mastery, but you must take action.

Be an artist. SHIP!


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