Easy Way vs. Hard Way? I dare ya!

hard path

We can all rest assured that whether it’s today or in the very near future…

We will have a life decision to make.

And most likely…when we boil it down…

There will be a limited decision set consisting of a hard path and an easy path.

Consider these similar decision trees in your past…

Which path gave you the biggest return?

I’m willing to bet that hard path, the one that had obstacles along the way, the one that put fear in your belly, the one that made you question if you had what it took, was the one that was most rewarding and provided the outcomes that have been most beneficial in your life.

If you are leaning towards a decision because right now it just seems like it will cause less headaches, requires less resources, will get you to the finish line faster…

I beg you to stop and go the other way!

The benefits to removing roadblocks, developing creative solutions, networking to add necessary resources will probably in the moment, feel frustrating and cause some additional stress.

But the personal growth and development is almost always worth it.

Even if the path is a failure, we can use that failure as lessons and drivers for personal improvement the next time we come to that fork in the road.

Embrace the fear, lean in, and take a step down the hard road.

Easy street is for mediocrity, we’re on the road to greatness!




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