Willpower is bullshit…Winners build systems!

Willpower is a myth, a fallacy, and downright insulting!

Have you been guilty of perpetuating the “willpower” myth?

Have you told that person that consistently eats nutritiously…”I wish I had your willpower”

  • Have you told that person that gets up early to workout…”I wish I had your willpower”
  • Have you told that person that studies on the weekend when everyone else is going out…”I wish I had your willpower?”

Well congratulations, you have perpetuated the willpower myth…

And even worse, you most likely offended your friend.

Why…because “willpower” is bullshit.

Your friend has no more of this mythical power than you possess.

What they do have however…

Is the experience and know how to build systems…

Winners build systems.

Willpower implies that a person intrinsically is just better at executing a particular behavior via sheer fortitude…

Just by being lucky enough to have this innate skill.

I would argue that what is observed as willpower is years of hard work learning how to create behavior and desired outcomes.

Let’s take the example of waking up early to workout above.

Those who believe willpower is to thank for this outcome are missing the following…

The gym goer first prioritized that fitness was important to them for health reasons and created 4 behaviors to achieve their goal:

  1. They decided to go to bed 2 hours earlier to ensure they weren’t tired in the morning
  2. They placed a second alarm clock in their closet to ensure they did not inadvertently snooze their alarm
  3. They got dressed for the gym and packed their gym bag before bed so there were no excuses about being ready in the morning
  4. And finally, they found an accountability partner to work out with that depended on them showing up

This winner stacked the deck in their favor…

They aren’t relying on lucky DNA…

They built reliable systems that would help them achieve their goals.

What is your goal?

What are 2 to 3 behaviors you could implement today to stack the deck in your favor?

Try it…

And the next time someone is jealous of your “willpower”…

Don’t be insulted, take the opportunity to teach them how to be a WINNER


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