Whatever you are doing today….Would you do it for FREE??


I have a request of you today as you are reading this…

On Monday…When you go back into work…

Will you tell your company that you have decided to do you your job for FREE? 

“Keith, your freaking crazy…heck no!”

If your answer resembled the above, it may be time to evaluate what doing for your job/career.

I have a quote jotted down in my iPhone that goes something like this…

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”

Pretty profound right.

Many of us are exchanging the days of our lives by trading a below maximal effort to a company we don’t care about in exchange for them depositing money in our checking account.

There has to be something more worthwhile to exchange our time for…

In fact, I would challenge you that you are on this Earth to do more than just trade your time for money…

You have unique abilities and talents…You are an artist…But you have to practice your craft.

I am not saying to go quit your job or to be homeless while you search for your passion…

I am also not willing to hear easy excuses like, “but I have to pay the bills, Keith”.

But I think we all should take time to think about what we would do with our time if no one was paying nor compensating us.

It may be time to investigate that craft as a “side hustle” on the weekends, or at night after that bill paying job.

I have done this exercise several times in my life…and plan on doing it more!

I have coached fitness and trained clients free of charge because I love helping people and wanted to learn how to be a better coach…

I took an unpaid internship out of college because I wanted to learn more about marketing and earn my place in a company that could hone my skills…

Today I am volunteering for a company whose mission I believe in and because I saw an opportunity to learn a new skill (social media) and to exercise my dream of being an entrepreneur.

The world needs what you have to offer, but by just going the safe route, you are neglecting to provide your art.

The world needs more artists.

It doesn’t need more drones collecting checks.



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