Learn THIS 1 Skill from Artists!


I recently moved…

And one of the worst parts of moving…Is finding a new barber!


Let me elaborate…

On this most recent move, I tried to explain to a new barber how I liked my haircut and how I usually style my hair.

I then waited to see the outcome.

And there was a vast disconnect to what I described and what I received.

And after a few weeks, as my hair grew out, it looked more awkward and was harder to style each day.

The next time I needed a haircut, I went to a new barber…

And again explained how I liked my haircut and how I liked to style my hair.

However, this second barber followed the exact footsteps of the previous barber and cut my hair in the same fashion previously, even though I commented that I disliked it.

When the time came to get my haircut again, I found an artist!

This barber asked good questions about what I wanted and what I disliked about my current haircut.

And at this point, I was a bit vague and basically complained about what I didn’t like about my latest haircut.

And here is why this barber was an artist…

He was able to see past the roadmap created by my current haircut…

And see where my hair should go to put me back on a good path.

He took ample time to get feedback from me and think about where we should go.

He had vision and was able to see past what was there, and could see differently in terms of where it should go.

I think that’s what artists do…

And I am not directly referencing painters, sculptors, etc. here as artists.

I am talking about parents, business people, entrepreneurs, service employees…

Anyone who is helping people or solving problems has the potential to be an artist.

It just takes one learned skill…

Learning to see things differently than everyone else!

It’s easy to follow tracks that already in place, to do what your competitor is doing, to do what you’ve done before.

But art is taking the time to look at the problem or situation differently.

Step back and think about where you want to go – not dwell on where you are already going.

Artists are willing to take risks.

Artists are influenced by other artists.

Artists question when they feel like what they are doing is “normal” or “expected”.

It’s definitely “safer” to not be an artist.

You won’t go against flow. It’s unlikely you will anger anyone…

But you surely won’t WOW them.

And you can’t guarantee they will come back to you.

I will go back to that last barber. I will always go back to an artist!

What problem are you working on right now?

How can you look at it differently?

Be an artist!




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