The 2 Keys to Learning Any New Skill


Want to learn to surf, paint, speak a new language, create a podcast…

or [insert any other new desired skill here]…

I have good news for you, it’s totally attainable with just 2 simple steps you can do TODAY!

If you are like me, or millions of other people…

We started off 2018 with resolutions and goals, possibly things that been on our lists for years…

However, we are still no closer to them then we were January 1.

But today we are going to change that..

And I have 2 easy steps that will get you going on the path of achieving your wildest dreams…seriously.

First, and this is going to sound silly and remedial, but hear me out…


Don’t overthink it. Don’t overproduce it? Don’t worry about what the output looks like…

Just get started with the easiest first step for you.

If it’s learning to surf – call a surf school and schedule a lesson (TODAY).

If it’s starting a podcast – jot list a few ideas for topics and just record one of them with your iphone (TODAY).

If it’s learning a new language – download Duolingo app on your phone and complete the first assignment (TODAY).

Notice how none of these involved research, or planning, or investigating the best course of action…

Because nothing is more productive than ACTION.

Even if it feels awkward, just doing something gets you closer to your goal rather than thinking about it or daydreaming about it.

And in most instances…

Action begets more action…

Meaning tomorrow, you are more likely to pick up and continue where you left off because it’s much easier to continue than to get started.

SO – You are off and running, so what is step 2?


So because starting can be awkward or disheartening as our initial performance can fall short of our expectations…

It can be easy to give up and quit.

For step 2, I ask you to create a simple goal of something like 30 or 60 days…

Commit to continuing your with your action on your goal for this definitive timeline…

I like 60 days, but use 30 if that seems more feasible for you.

Tell yourself no matter how bad it’s going, you are going to finish your activity for 30 days straight.

What I have found, is that once we build some momentum and consistency with our behavior…

We have enough critical mass that quitting no longer seems a viable option (unless we aren’t enjoying the new skill or activity as we thought we may – which is possible).

Nothing rewarding is just absorbed…

But with these 2 simple steps, it can be learned.

Start the journey today and be ready to add a new goal or skill to your list very soon.



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