NEWSFLASH: We need you to be less productive!


It’s something I presently struggle with…

And it’s something I would be willing to bet if you are reading this, you struggle too…

It’s being LESS productive.

Seems counterintuitive right?

Everyone these days is teaching us how to get more done in our waking hours…

In fact, why not sleep less?

We need to do it all:

Workout, plan our kids party, crush that work presentation, take our significant other out on a date, clean the house, study that course you are interested in, read that book, do your taxes…

And insert 1,001 other activities.

My day with my kids is usually planned with every hour having something going on.

But I am committing this year to learn to be LESS PRODUCTIVE.

No, I am not going to be sitting on the couch watching TV getting my Dadbod…

But I am realizing this journey we call our lives is a long one, and sometimes pacing ourselves with a healthy balanced load will allow us to go further without burning out.

I am thinking about the graph of a trendline as I write this…

Somedays, certain goals are making forward progress and other days they will stall as I am focusing on another priority…

But over time, that trendline moves me closer to my end goal despite temporary stalls or setbacks.

And I am learning to say, “I’m ok” with that and not considering each day a failure if I don’t move the needle on every performance metric I am measuring.

The key however to feeling successful in this mindset and approach is to prioritize!

Know what your key 3-4 activities are each day and complete those no matter what…

Then you are ok to let some others slip if life throws you a curveball or if you just need to have a break that day.

I am finding success with this by spending 10 minutes before bed writing down my key 3-4 activities for the next day…

Then I make sure to complete 2-3 of those first thing in the morning before I leave the house or before my kids are awake and fire drills become the modus operandi (or operating procedure).

This does a few things for me:

1- I feel super productive and positive starting my day as my “big” to do’s are completed

2- It allows me to take “detours” in my day and do things off plan if the mood strikes…

Like “present” play with my kids at the playground or a game of tickle fighting around the house.

So, I hereby give you permission…

If something on your to do list slips…


It happens. Tomorrow is a new day.

Create a plan for tomorrow, attack it early, and anticipate more obstacles.

But in the big picture, you are moving closer to your goal…

Even if today it felt like you took a step backwards.

You aren’t alone, I am in this same struggle with you.

Be less productive but more successful by having a game plan and knowing your priorities…

Good luck enjoying your “detour” today!


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