Challenge: Live today like you’re on vacation…

Sounds easy right?

You’ll take that challenge…

Sleep in, go to the pool, perhaps a hike, an afternoon nap with a book, dinner with a close friend…

Notice how I didn’t mention constantly checking email, spending all day at a job you loath, attached to a cellphone, spending all day inside.

I have been meditating frequently on a quote from Annie Dillard from her book, “The Writing Life” – How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.

And in those short blips on vacation, I would argue we allocate the time in our days to the activities that we would want to define our lives…

However, that represents maybe 5% of our days.

It’s the other 95% that truly defines how we will remember our lives.

So the true challenge becomes: How can we do a few of our most important activities everyday consistently AND minimize or eventually eliminate those activities that we don’t want our life defined by.

If yoga is a passion, but you only do it on the weekends or vacation, why can’t we do it everyday?

If you find your soul dying every time you check Facebook and complain you don’t have time to read, why can’t you swap the time allocation of those 2 activities.

This blog entry is not intended to provide solutions nor an answer…

But it’s intention is to bring hyper awareness to the fact that what you CHOOSE to do today, ultimately defines our life.

We are creatures of habit and routine..,

And today becomes tomorrow and the next day…

So if we don’t break our routine and insert those vital behaviors that we want in our life…

We will constantly be looking for vacation and other breaks to be our respite from an unfulfilling life.

So, what’s one activity you love but rarely do? Find a few minutes to indulge today…

Not sure how to make that time? Cut out one activity you hate.

No excuses here, how we live our days is how we live our lives after all.

Make today count!


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