Be weird…The old “you” would approve!


I’m working on changing the lens through which I look at decisions I need to make…

And as I think about it more and more, I think you should make decisions in an entirely new way too…

Are you ready for the decision making criteria…[DRUM ROLL]

Be weird.

Simple right.

If you’re like me and many others, if we really analyze why we make certain life decisions…

It’s because we think it’s the decision our parents/significant other/friends/peers/boss would want us to make.

It fits the paradigm that most people are following and can understand.

But let’s shift our thinking for a moment and put another lens on decision making…

What if the person judging your decisions was 75 year old you?

Do you think 75 year old you would congratulate you on staying in that job you hate for 20 years so you could collect that reliable pension?

Or do you think 75 year old you would admire that you left that job, enrolled in the art classes you have been looking at online for over 5 years?

I’m pretty sure we both know the answer.

Option 2 may be a lot riskier financially and in terms of judgement from friends and family who aren’t using the “75 year old self” decision lens.

But I would argue it’s far riskier to give up on our dream to live someone else’s.

I want 75 year old me to high five my decisions…

I’m ok with people thinking I’m weird or making the wrong choice.

In fact, that judgement or perception usually has me thinking I’m on the right track.

So its action time…

If 75 year old “you” were with you now, what would they upset you are doing? What would they encourage you to do?

Are you ok with being weird?

If so, you may become the happiest and freest  you’ve ever been.

Enjoy this exercise…embrace the journey!


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