Pro tip: You don’t need to see the “thing” to achieve the “thing”

I find it very interesting that in that last two days…

I’ve heard references in different media channels to running a sub 4 minutes mile.

And that achievement had me thinking about my own life and goal setting…

But here’s the deal…I would argue that your goals are highly influenced by the core group of people you surround yourself.

There are definitely 2 distinct groups of people in my mind…

And you can definitely evolve to the latter although it will require intrinsic work and strong influencers in your core peer group.

Group 1 are those people who set goals, and they could be lofty goals, defined by what has already been done.

Take the recent high schooler who set out to break the four minute mile barrier…

Amazing no doubt.

But he knew it could be done…He’s been able to see Roger Bannister achieve it in 1954…

He knows it’s possible.

Then there is Group 2!

This group includes as Ayn Rand would say, 1st principle thinkers…

Those that can create a vision or goal not based on something else that has already been done, but something entirely new and category creating.

Here’s a social media example…

When an app developer says something like…”its Snapchat but it also has….”

That’s not first principle thinking. Their basing their ideas on platforms that already exist.

And that’s fine… just not revolutionary.

Zuckerberg creating “The Facebook” in his dorm at Harvard could be argued to be a 1st principle concept.

When Roger Bannister set out to break a 4 minute mile, there was nothing for him to look at to make him believe it was possible…

He did not require proof or a framework.

He was a 1st principle thinker.

What I would guess about people like Zuckerberg and Bannister would be that their core peer group included other 1st principle thinkers.

People who believe big dreams.

People who don’t need to see the result to go after and achieve the result.

People who challenge the status quo.

People who ask challenging questions.

Do you have a big goal? Do you want to expand and truly disrupt the current world or marketplace?

I would challenge you to look at your current 5 people you surround yourself with.

If these folks don’t believe they can achieve what they can’t see, it maybe time to seek out some first principle “wannabes”.

Get people in your inner circle that believe anything is possible and are taking the steps to make shit happen.

We need you to disrupt our thinking. We need you to believe what we can’t see yet!


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