The “Secret” to doing MORE!


Have you had this conversation lately…

Me: [Insert co/worker or friend’s name], how’s it going?

Friend: OK I guess, I’m just crazy busy!

Me: How’s that project you wanted to start going?

Friend: I just haven’t had the time, life is crazy right now.

Ok, so maybe not these exact words, but I’m willing to bet you’ve had a very similar discussion recently.

But here’s the deal, who isn’t “BUSY” these days?

But there is a simple solution…and I’m willing to bet you already know it!

Today’s society is time consuming:

long work hours, kid’s commitments, never ending media and social media engagement opportunities, local social events, side business projects, personal hobbies…

For most people, our schedules are full…


But most likely, there are things you would like to be doing or have wanted to start, but just never have the time.

Maybe you want to start a side business, start exercising, read more, have a creative outlet, or learn to cook.

But you fail before you start…because you are just too damn busy and there’s not enough time.

Guess what?

There will NEVER be enough time. The opportunity to start your new venture will NEVER present itself.

But I think you know the answer…

You have to want it enough to make it a priority. Simple.

If you haven’t started yet…I’m here to say it’s just not that important to you.

If it was…you have to MAKE THE TIME.

That doesn’t mean add an extra hour to the day…

It simply means eliminate an activity during the day that is not a priority and repurpose towards your new goal.

You would be amazed what 30 minutes a day can do towards a new hobby or goal.

So are you surfing your Facebook feed for more than 30 minutes a day? Are you watching TV for more than 30 minutes a day? Is there efficiencies in your schedule that would allow you to create some more time?

Because you have to MAKE the time…Because simply TAKING time never works.

Here’s an easy exercise that has helped me:

1- Journal every day of 1 week and note how you use the hours of your day

2- Look at it in aggregate and find your patterns

3- Decide what frequent activities you engage in are not a priority compared to the new activity you want to add.

4- For a week, substitute your new activity with the low priority activity

5- Then after the week, evaluate if you are happier with your change and MAKING time for your priority.

Then next time someone asks you: “How’s it going?”

I am confident that instead of replying: “I’m crazy busy”…

You would replay: “Great…I’m absolutely crushing it! I just started a new business and am loving it! Want to hear about it?”

Go MAKE time!


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