Take time to reconnect old relationships…Oh, and laugh out loud!


About last night…

I had the opportunity to reconnect with 2 old buddies…John and Ben.

I had not seen them in probably 20 years. We were tight friends back in High School…

But as life has a tendency to do, we have gone separate directions and had lost touch.

John was in town on vacation with his family, and ironically Ben now lives 10 minutes away from me..

Keep in mind it’s ironic as we all grew up on the opposite coast.

And I am extremely grateful today (albeit extremely tired) that John reached out and suggested we all catch up.

I will be honest…my first reaction was hesitation.

I am a new dad…I am tired…time is limited…It would require I go out late…I don’t know if we have anything in common anymore…what will we talk about?

Those are my initial thoughts running through my head as I debate cancelling.

But wiser thoughts prevail…I know sometimes I must take time to get away from my routine and recharge…I am curious what these guys are up too…And I am disappointed we have lost contact.

And after the initial formalities and running through the highlights of the past 20 years…

We fell into memories of high school long forgotten, recounted inside jokes, and I could almost see the teenagers in these 40 year old men.

But most importantly, I laughed. Laughed hard and out loud. Alot.

It was pretty surreal to see behaviors and conversations mimic the ones that were latent in my memory.

And today when I woke up, exhausted, my soul felt energized and I am looking forward to staying in better contact with these extraordinary men.

I realize now I would have totally regretted not getting together with those guys last night.

And it has me thinking about what other relationships I have lost that I should reexamine opening up.

So here is my call to action for you today…

Take a moment, who is one person you were close to in the past but have lost contact with but find yourself wondering what they are up too?

Would you take a short moment today to send them a message on social media and invite to connect…in person, on the phone, via email…it doesn’t matter.

Most likely it will be welcome from the party on the other end and they will look forward to reconnecting a much as you…

After you get past any anxiety or fear, you will remember memories long forgotten…

But hopefully, you too will laugh out loud and hard.

If there was a good relationship there before, most likely there is enough common ground to rebuild and our human need for connection will facilitate this transaction.

Growth comes from doing the uncomfortable or scary and then realizing how NOT uncomfortable and scary it really is.

Now I must go nap, but its with a smile on face…

Because last night was rad. Thanks John…Thanks Ben…

Until next time.


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