Speed vs. Velocity…They’re different! Understanding the difference will unlock your potential!


As we think about our goals and reflecting back on how we’ve performed year to date on them…

It’s important to take a step back and define speed vs. velocity…

2 terms many of us use interchangeably.

Understanding the difference will change how you work, the results you achieve, thus unlocking your peak expression of your performance!

Speed = the distance traveled over time.

For example, I can run around in circles with a lot of speed and cover several miles that way…

But I’m not actually getting anywhere.

On the other side of the spectrum…

Velocity measures actual displacement and it takes note of direction.

You can totally think about this in terms of your work as well…

Do you say yes to every project or assignment? Do you find yourself working on tasks throughout the day that don’t get you further to your goals or objectives?

If so, you can say you are moving with considerable speed…

But not with considerable velocity. You may be exhausted and completely booked everyday, but the important work you need to move your business forward has been stagnant for weeks or even months.

Focusing on velocity requires more than goals. It requires 2 key skills:

1- Prioritization: Knowing how to step back and look at all the “fires” and requests throughout your day,  and allocating the time to the ones that most align with your objective…

2- Saying “NO!”: One of the harder skills to develop, but when a task or activity has no relevance to your objective and takes time away from your priorities, you must develop the ability to say no!

This concept most clearly presents itself at work or with individuals who say they are “BUSY” instead of “PRODUCTIVE”.

Busy is another word for speed…But you are just moving in circles very quickly.

Productive is another word for velocity…You are moving in a direct line towards your objective, no wasted effort. This is a deliberate practice.

Don’t just be active…

Be clear on your intent and your action before you start.

Focusing on understanding this difference can be the thing that allows you to achieve your goals at work, at home, and with your personal interests.


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