Change your relationship with negative feedback…change your life!

Businesswoman giving orders at her coworker in an office

I have some “secret sauce” for you today.

Don’t roll your eyes, I’m serious over here.

It’s only taken me 40 years to figure out what some people figure out much earlier…

But some people never figure out.

And the secret sauce comes down to how you process negative feedback.

Newsflash.. chances are…you’re not the Michael Jordan of whatever you do…

Sorry to break it to you, but when we look at peak human performance, it’s unlikely you  are skirting up to greatness.

But here’s the silver lining…YOU CAN GET BETTER.

It’s true, but you must have a mindset that recognizes you are a work in progress and can improve.

But you have to have the proper feedback to understand your weaknesses and where you should focus your effort.

You may receive feedback at work, from your spouse, your kids, or your friends.

But you need to step back and examine how you process that feedback.

When you hear a negative comment about your performance…

Do you shut down and say…”That dude is full of shit…he has no idea what he’s talking about”?

If so, you need to realize that comment is not an attack on you personally. BECAUSE you have the ability to change.

It’s merely a comment on your present state…AND AN OPPORTUNITY to sure up a weakness and be a better human,

Why wouldn’t we want that!

But here’s my tip of the day to  help with this feedback journey…


If you are only interested in the outcome or hearing that you’re crushing it…You will get stale. You will be mediocre. And you will be disappointed.

But if your about putting in the work…and I mean deliberate practice and showing up daily to get better…

You will welcome the feedback. You will see it as a welcome invitation to be a better you

So get to work.

Seek feedback. Don’t be emotional about it. Realize it’s not a permanent state.

Then get on it.

We need you to be better.

Have feedback for my blog…I welcome it. I just require you to be freakin honest!

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