One simple exercise to boost your human performance…IMMEDIATELY!


I have been fortunate to have an amazing coach and mentor that introduced me to a simple concept that unlocked an immediate increase in my human performance…

As an athlete, in business, in my hobbies, and just my overall approach to life.

I am going to share it with you now…and most likely it won’t amaze you…but I challenge you to walk away today and think about your biggest challenge or opportunity your facing….

Then implement this simple exercise and report back after a week to let me know if you found yourself breaking through barriers you previously struggled with or making progress where you once stalled!

It goes a little something like this…

Let’s say our problem we are currently facing is that we need to get a new job. You just got fired, your rent is due in a month, and you can’t afford to keep going without a paycheck.

Stressful right? And this maybe a problem you have faced or are facing.

We can immediately be overwhelmed and not sure where to start…

Or even worse, we could be paralyzed with emotions and actions that aren’t serving us.

So, let’s step back for a moment…

Get out a piece of paper…Make 2 columns…

#1 – Things In Our Control

#2 Things Out of Our Control

Let’s start with that second column…it’s usually longer and easier to come up with entries.


Rent is due next week, we were fired, only certain jobs are currently being posted, the economy, the people competing against us for certain jobs, our current job experience, the pay rates of available jobs…etc.

Now let’s make the other list…


Our location (we could move for jobs), our qualifications (we could take some courses to be better qualified), our ability to network with friends and peers for jobs, our sense of “hustle” (getting out and beating the pavement), becoming a better interviewee for the next job, talking to our landlord about a grace period for a month while we search for new employment.

What do you  notice?

Most times, many of us in difficult circumstances focus on that sphere of things out of our control. And when you look at it objectively…

You realize it’s a waste of our time and our energy. We get depressed and lose motivation because the circumstances seem overwhelming and unfair.

However…if we solely focus on the sphere of things in our control…we make immediate process.

Does it guarantee results? Not immediately…but it stacks the deck in our favor. It gets the ball rolling and gives us the best chance of success.

It also ensures that we are improving and prepared for whatever presents itself next.

If you were able to notice…

Focusing on things out of our control is a focus on the result or the outcome. Those are great goals…

But we must concern ourselves with the process…doing the work…realizing that as we move ourselves closer to our peak expression of our abilities, we will be ready to seize the moment when outcomes present themselves to us.

Be about doing the work. Be about focusing on what you control.

You will be a better human if nothing else…

But I have a feeling you will get the job, cover your rent, and position yourself as someone who should not be fired next time.

Go ahead…try it. Let me know how it goes!


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