Be clear on your goals – or be prepared to be dissapointed


After several years of nutrition and movement coaching with personal clients…

I was able to come to a realization…

If when you ask yourself “WHY” you have a certain goal, and your answer makes you realize that  your stated goal isn’t what you really wanted…

You need to take that opportunity to be clear with yourself what you really want to achieve.

Otherwise, you’re just a speeding train heading down the track in the wrong direction.

Let me give you an example.

I mentioned that have been coaching clients with nutrition and moving their bodies for over 5 years at this point.

I can easily tell you the number one answer I would get when I asked them on day 1, “what is your goal”?

It was some form of this answer: “to lose x pounds”. That x may have been 5, 10, 20, or even 50.

And here is what I slowly realized after working with those folks.

They never gave a shit about their relationship with gravity. That’s all weight is. A stupid relationship with gravity.

If I pushed back on them and said, “what if you could wear the size clothes you want, have more energy, look better naked, perform better in your chosen activity…BUT WEIGH THE SAME?”

Surprise…no one gave a shit about the number on the scale.

So what does this tell us.

We as a people often think we’ve set a goal.

In fact, we’ve then even taken steps to achieve it…i.e. hired a personal trainer and started exercising.

BUT…if that goal is not REALLY what we want…

We are just wasting time, motion, energy, and resources while never moving any closer to what we really want.

So before you take that LOGICAL first step…

I challenge you to step back…Ask yourself what you really want. Why do you want it? What will life be like when you get there?

Only when that is clearly defined can you understand the steps to move forward!

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