Reframe Your Situation To Reduce Anxiety!

Today’s blog is short…

We’re driving an hour and a half with our 2 year old and our 5 month old to the airport.

From there, we’ll fly for 3 hours for a long weekend family vacation.

Those parents out there will understand what this undertaking involves…

But it has me thinking about the exercise of reframing our situation!

I could definitely go down a negative path today…

I had to wake up early to pack and get my family ready for travel. My son woke up with a tantrum meltdown. I had to brave Los Angeles traffic during rush hour. The kids are missing their naps today. And airports…need I say more?

If I let all of that process, and I focused on that daunting reality…

I would feel crazy anxiety and probably not enjoy the trip and be an ass to travel with.

Instead…I’m choosing to reframe the situation.

I am focusing on enjoying my new daughters 1st plane trip and our first trip with the four of us. My son loves planes, so I want to talk about the experience with him and see it through his eyes.

I know the trip will have it’s down moments, but I want to step back and make great memories as a family.

And with that reframing exercise complete, I feel less stressed and in fact feel excited about the adventure.

What’s something in your life or routine that causes stress? Can you reframe it and choose to look at it with different lenses?

It could be your answer to reduce anxiety and experience JOY!


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