Seek adversity to make life easier

Reading the title of today’s blog post seems contradictory at first glance I know…but near with me.

If you read my blog last week, I was embarking on my first plane trip with my 2 babies.

No easy task for any parent out there right…

But it has totally shifted a paradigm for me!

That flight last week felt a bit like the attached photo…like I was tight rope walking with an elephant on my back over the Grand Canyon,

Ok…perhaps a stretch, but the scenario did stretch my comfort levels and created some opportunities for adversity.

Flash forward a week…I’m flying again for work, however I’m traveling solo.

Now bear in mind, I’ve never been a good traveler. I get anxious the day before, dislike packing, hate turbulence, and just don’t like the process and inconvenience of airports.

But after the challenging experience of traveling with 2 babies last week…

Today’s travels are a new experience. I find myself more relaxed, more engaged with the experience, and more productive.

I’ve meditated on my flight, sent some emails, am writing this blog post, and plan to read my book.

And last night…I was neither anxious nor stressed.

Interesting. Facing the previous travel adversity and coming out the other end made today’s travel experience easier, even enjoyable by comparison.

Knowing you can get through a much tougher challenge makes normal day to day task items seem a breeze…perhaps even opportunities to grow and thrive.

But without testing our boundaries and pushing our limits…we never gain the perspective to find gratitude in our day to day “grind”.

So today…I may be tight walking over the Grand Canyon, but I’ve released the elephant on my back and I have a smile on my face.

So do some inventory…what processes in your life seem tough?

Can you further stress the system?

If and when you survive that stress, I think you will find more “space” and opportunities in that everyday task than you had before!

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