We lost the family cat…A story of growth and peak performance!

It’s not click bait…we literally lost our family cat of over 19 years Friday afternoon,

The story of how is not important, but come dinner on Friday, we realized the cat was not in the house and most likely got out in the afternoon.

She’s old, not in the best of health, there are coyotes in the neighborhood, and the sun was setting.

Not the best of odds.

This is not intended to be a sob story…but in fact one of growth and progress.

A previous version of myself would have focused on the cat being gone. Why did this happen? Where did she go?

And most likely the emotion would have overwhelmed me into a state of depression and had me collapse into bed focusing on my thoughts and replaying the why in my head.

But the last few years has been full of introspection, feedback, and personal development.

The steps I took in this case were completely different.

I did not get my hopes up…but I changed my lens…

I know what peak performers do when the going gets tough and their facing tough odds…

They choose to focus on what’s in their control and let go of what’s not.

So I chose to do the same.

I set out that night to search for our cat as well as I could in the dark.

I posted an add on Facebook and the Nextdoor App.

The next morning I printed flyers and took my 2 year old around the neighborhood hanging signs.

We went to the local shelter and filled out a missing animal report.

I rang my neighbors doors and left flyers.

And of course I kept walking and searching.

We even left food and our clothes outside at night.

The next morning, I started to grieve and felt like the odds were not good.

At breakfast on Sunday (Mother’s Day), I got a call with a lead in our neighborhood.

We left immediately to search.

I then got 2 more calls in the same area…

And sure enough…we found a tired and hungry kitty.

This story could have had a totally different outcome.

It’s not about the end and the joyous reunion…although that makes it sweeter.

What it is about is the process!

When we’re under stress and insurmountable odds, do we focus on what’s out of our control…cementing our outcome and a sure poor performance?


Do we tighten that lens and do any and everything that’s in our control.

That’s how we put ourselves in the best position to win!

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