Want to experience “success”…play the long game. Fuck checkers…Play chess!

I was riding in the car today and 3 consecutive ads hit my internet radio…

1- Tooth Sensitivity Gel

2- Weight Loss Supplement

3- Vacation Cruise

Any guesses what all 3 had in common?

They all promised results in less than a week…


None of them solved the underlying issues:

1- lack of oral hygiene nor reduction in dietary irritants

2- lack of consistent movement & nutrition practices

3- lack of building happiness and stress management into your daily routine

This blog is not meant to provide the solution to these exact issues…

But instead build awareness to a common problem behind all 3 as well as highlight a framework that can alleviate roadblocks to your goals allowing you to unlock “success”.

Those 3 radio ads got me thinking to the state of affairs in our culture today…

“Everyone’s playing checkers”.

What I’m trying to say is that we are all looking for the quick stimulus. We are interested in easy and stimulating. No long term commitment, no large learning curve. Mindless.

Think about any iPhone game.

Well fuck checkers. What’s the antithesis?


Large learning curve. Games can take hours. Takes a lifetime to achieve mastery. You are going to be humbled and frustrated.

But guess what…when you commit to learning and practicing chess, you’ve built a host of successful behaviors like deliberate practice and the ability to rebound from failure.

So take those 3 ads I previously mentioned…

What if you told them “Fuck you…I’m playing chess!” What would that look like.

Well in the case of losing weight, what if you committed to sleeping better daily, moving your body consistently, eating more nutritious foods every day, not eating like an asshole, and monitoring health markers from your blood work.

No surprise, these steps require a lot of time and commitment as well as you to be accountable.

You won’t see your goal in 3 days.

But guess what?

You won’t lose those results 3 days later either.

Your goals…

They aren’t going to be easy…

You won’t get to the end this week…

You are going to have to be vulnerable…

You are going to have setbacks…

But it’s going to require you to play chess…

Fuck checkers.

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