Overcoming Challenges…*Hint* You don’t need to acquire more information

I’m 40 years old…

Full disclosure, I’m only now beginning to figure some things out.

One of those things, is how to better tackle challenges and or obstacles life throws our way.

Let me start with how I’ve approached these challenges in the past.

When faced with an obstacle, my default tendency was to acquire information or knowledge.

I was happy to research the interweb, buy a book, or ask someone successful at navigating similar problems.

And that’s not necessarily bad or unhelpful…

But I would argue that’s just an early step in the process,

And in fact maybe even unnecessary…

Because in our Information Age, I don’t believe the answer to our problems is more information.

It’s intense introspection or feedback from our peer groups that helps shine a light on a change or adaption we must make in ourselves to drive growth.

Once that opportunity has been brought to light…

We don’t need to read a hundred sources on the topic…

We solely need to create process of change in our behavior that we can replicate daily that will enable us to adapt and overcome the challenge we faced.

The behavior change may not even be the one with the highest degree of leverage…

But I’m willing to bet that a lesser behavior change executed daily over time will have more impact than a more important behavior change that is not part of your daily process.

More information is a crutch…

It’s the illusion of doing work and solving the problem…

It’s easy…

Run from easy.

Seek mastery.

Look at yourself critically and truly adapt to the obstacles you face.

You owe it to yourself and your community.

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