Learning to learn


I recently turned 40 and am realizing a startling revelation…

I need to learn how to learn.

Sounds absurd…maybe? But hear me out.

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Pro tip: You don’t need to see the “thing” to achieve the “thing”

I find it very interesting that in that last two days…

I’ve heard references in different media channels to running a sub 4 minutes mile.

And that achievement had me thinking about my own life and goal setting…

But here’s the deal…I would argue that your goals are highly influenced by the core group of people you surround yourself.

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The “Telephone Pole” strategy to approaching stressful situations

I’m sitting here in the dentist chair about to get 2 fillings replaced…

Absolute misery and stress for someone like me who hates teeth cleanings.

My shirt is already getting sweaty.

But I have a plan to get through this…

Or any situation that makes us anxious or stressed.

And it can work for you too…

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