Why ask “why?”…Upgrade your response to feedback!

Seeking feedback is crucial to developing ourselves…

But how we respond to feedback may be even more important!

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Seek adversity to make life easier

Reading the title of today’s blog post seems contradictory at first glance I know…but near with me.

If you read my blog last week, I was embarking on my first plane trip with my 2 babies.

No easy task for any parent out there right…

But it has totally shifted a paradigm for me!

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One simple exercise to boost your human performance…IMMEDIATELY!


I have been fortunate to have an amazing coach and mentor that introduced me to a simple concept that unlocked an immediate increase in my human performance…

As an athlete, in business, in my hobbies, and just my overall approach to life.

I am going to share it with you now…and most likely it won’t amaze you…but I challenge you to walk away today and think about your biggest challenge or opportunity your facing….

Then implement this simple exercise and report back after a week to let me know if you found yourself breaking through barriers you previously struggled with or making progress where you once stalled!

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Speed vs. Velocity…They’re different! Understanding the difference will unlock your potential!


As we think about our goals and reflecting back on how we’ve performed year to date on them…

It’s important to take a step back and define speed vs. velocity…

2 terms many of us use interchangeably.

Understanding the difference will change how you work, the results you achieve, thus unlocking your peak expression of your performance!

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Mission statements aren’t just for corporations…Start building your’s!

mission-rawpixelAs I have been reading and researching organizational behavior of late…

I have found interest in the development of corporational mission statements.

Mission statements, which you’ve probably heard of, but may not truly know, are a formal summary of the aims and values of a company and organization.

But, I think there is a huge population that is missing the boat on this exercise…

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